Kratom, Kartom and Mitragynine, oh MY!

kartomKratom vs. Cannabis:

We are not suggesting you to develop a habit to use this drug for just recreational purposes, but a comparison of Kartom with the most widely known and used opiate i.e. Cannabis is in order.

As discussed earlier, Kratom has Mitragynine which has stimulant like properties. After the temporary nausea wears off, the follow up kratom effects are generally positive i.e. it makes you more agile and you can work harder than usual. On the other hand cannabis makes a person lazy and it is almost impossible for one to do work even after hours of the use of this drug.

After effects of cannabis include anxiety and depression, while kratom usually doesn’t cause such problems. Both drugs can be used within many European countries, Canada and some of the states within U.S if prescribed by the doctor. Kratom however is considered more acceptable as a medicine.

Benefits of Kratom:

Apart from its recreational use, kratom contains many medicinal benefits. It is being used for its medicinal purposes by Asian people for centuries. The common benefits are:

Pain Killer:

Kratom is no doubt a great herbal pain killer and using it in proper quantity can alleviate fatigue which can help one to work more and keep oneself motivated. It has stronger analgesic properties than morphine.

Stimulant Effects:

As discussed above, the most dominant and well known kratom effect is its stimulant effect. People use kratom to extend their energy level to work more, increase their ability to focus as well as the mental awareness.

No Withdrawal Symptoms:

This is not entirely true but many kratom users believe that kratom does not contain severe withdrawal symptoms, therefore it is not addictive. Though the first but of this claim is actually true to some extent, but one can develop an addiction to use this drug. To avoid becoming an addict, one should only use it just when the withdrawal phase starts to kick in. This treatment has proven itself to be useful for many people but one needs to be careful enough to not become an addict of kratom itself.

Some people even explain the ban on kratom within Thailand as a law made due to the influence of the opium traders as it threatened their lucrative trade, since kratom is so effective in breaking the opium addiction.

Anti Depressant:

Kratom is probably the best herbal anti depressant and anti anxiety treatment. The good thing about the use of kratom is that it does not have the usual side effects associated with the use of other anti depressants and anti anxiety pills.

Other Medicinal Uses:

Kratom is also used by some people to suppress the allergies and cold. It also alleviates fever and cough. It can also kill some of the intestinal parasites and treat diarrhea. It can also normalize the blood sugar and blood pressure level to some extent. The good thing about the use of kratom as a pain killer and reliever is that it helps the immune system rather than hindering it.

The factor which governs most of the effects is the quantity and way of taking this drug. If taken in proper quantity, Kratom can prove to be the best pain killer, anti depressant and a drug to break the opium addiction. But the same drug can be addictive and may cause unwanted effects such as nausea to some people if not taken according to the prescription. So it is advised that one should either consult the doctor or do proper research before taking kratom.

Kava Kava, the misunderstood plant with many names

Kava kava is much more than merely a crop of the western pacific.  It has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years by various peoples for a variety of purposes.  It is for this reason it has been labeled with many names such as  awa, ava, yaqona, sakau and cava cava.  Its scientific name is piper methysticum, which places it in the same family of plants with pepper.